RosGeo possesses many years of experience in seismic 2D/3D operations of any complexity and scope, in all climatic conditions, regardless the season and urbanization degree in the area of surveys. Our experts perform the seismic operations with any source type: explosion, vibratory or impulsive ones.

RosGeo performs all kinds of seismic explorations:

  • 2D seismic survey.
  • 3D seismic survey.

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Seismic exploration is the main and most effective method in prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields. Method is based on recording of elastic waves excited by an artificial explosion, or non-explosive sources.

The waves received by special instruments (seismic detectors) are recorded in a digital carrier and processed. The collected information in combination with data of other geophysical methods and drilling allows to make forecasts on oil and gas prospects of the territories.

More details on types of activities

RosGeo is a largest provider in the Russian market of geophysical services in terms of 2D seismic survey performance.

RosGeo conducts the regional seismic 2D surveys in the purposes of hydrocarbon potential assessment in poorly studied territories and exploration of the Earth deep structure, as well as in prospecting of deposits in the territories of proven perspective.

Set of activities includes:

  • Integrated regional geophysical surveys;
  • 2D seismic surveys in the licensed sites;
  • Deep seismic surveys.
3D seismic survey is conducted for a detailed study of geological structure of the sites potential in terms of the hydrocarbon accumulation, identification of the well locations, and along with methods for monitoring over development of the production fields.

There are 9 companies specialized in conducting all types of field seismic surveys provided with all necessary equipment and personnel within the Holding, these companies operate with application of high-performance development technologies:

  • Flip-Flop – the technology is based on the continuous "shooting" of excitation points by two groups of vibratory sources, reducing the time required to move the source groups from one excitation point to another.

  • Slip-sweep is a technique of overlapping the vibration sweep-signals, where vibrators at different excitation points operate simultaneously and independently of each other. The recording is performed continuously along with it.


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    Siberian Federal District, Katanga District
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    Terrestrial geophysics
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