Mission and values

Commitment to the principles of sustainable development is the basis of long-term development of the Holding, which is reflected in the mission and values.

The corporate values stipulate the basic rules of relationships, both within the company and in the external environment. They lie at the heart of relationships with the customers, partners, suppliers, contribute to the strengthening of the mutual work within the company.

Upon engagement of all employees we have developed the values that will contribute to the comprehensive development of the Holding and achievement of the strategic goals.

Our mission is to provide the comprehensive geological exploration of the subsurface resources and reproduction of the mineral and raw material base of the Russian Federation on the basis of advanced geological, geophysical and geochemical technologies.

Our values


Exploring the mineral resources, we multiply the wealth of the country and create a basis for its prosperity. In our work we rely on the experience of the predecessors and have a responsibility to future generations. Each of us feels pride in belonging to the industry and the company, respects and cares for our veterans. Doing out work we save the nature and environment.


We value the professionalism at every workplace. We constantly maintain a high level of knowledge and skills to ensure the conformity with high work quality standards. We are ready to make the commitments and fulfill them, make decisions and take responsibility for their results. Our priorities include the safety of people, preservation of the employees’ lives and health.


We value each employee for the contribution to the common cause and respect their opinions, as well as strive to uphold the high ethical standards. We are ready to help each other, share our experience and knowledge. We build open, honest and respectful relationship with each other, with our investors, customers, suppliers and contractors. We build our work on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation based on deep understanding and satisfaction of our partners' needs. We strive to anticipate their needs and meet their expectations. Partnerships at all levels allow us to succeed, grow and enjoy our work.


Each of us is ready to change in a changing world, accept challenges, constantly learn new and improve the environment, processes, technologies. We create the conditions for talent development and the adoption of efficient technologies. We see opportunities to offer the cutting-edge solutions our customers . Our team is committed to leadership, ready to develop and implement the breakthrough technologies that can bring the company and industry to a new level.


We are honest with each other and with our partners. If a problems arise, we speak openly about it, acknowledge and correct our mistakes. At all stages of our work we ensure the transparency of processes and actions, we do not abuse our position, we ensure that the legitimate interests of the company are respected and we are intolerant to corruption.

Results focus

We are able to meet our goals and achieve the desired results with optimal use of resources, fulfill our commitments and we are responsible for quality and safety of our work. In our work we always aim at finding the best solutions and new opportunities than allow to achieve the excellent results.