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Integrated service for reproduction of the hydrocarbon resource base

The Company offers to the customers an integrated package of services for reproduction of hydrocarbon resource base at all stages: from regional surveys, prospecting, assessment, to later stages of the geological exploration, production support, assistance in decommissioning of the deposit fields.

Specialized geological survey subsidiaries of the Holding operate in over 40 regions of Russia and abroad, they have accumulated a vast database of all oil and gas provinces of the Russian Federation.

RosGeo, as a multidisciplinary geological exploration Holding of the federal level, offers to mining companies various forms of mutually beneficial partnership in implementation of hydrocarbon mining projects, including the organization of geological support to the projects.

Consulting center RG-Consulting offers to mining companies an independent integrated analysis and resolution of pending issues in the area of environmental, information technology consulting, assessment of hydrocarbon potential and territorial prospects. To financial institutions and investors it offers the integrated assessment of a business-project, as well as geological expert examination of any complexity projects.

Our advantages:

  • The integrated service for reproduction of the mineral resource base: from regional activities to mining.
  • Developed in-house production and engineering base.
  • Convenient logistics of territorial locations of specialized geological exploration enterprises and production and engineering bases.
  • Network of accredited laboratories throughout the country.
  • Extensive accumulated knowledge and geological information on all raw materials centers in Russia and over the world.
  • High competence of the personnel and experience in all stages of geological exploration in a variety of climatic and landscape conditions in Russia and worldwide.
  • Long-term experience of R&D in the field of regional geological prospecting and exploration of subsurface resources.
  • Unique methods of geological, geophysical and specialized operations.
  • In-house innovations, production of geological and geophysical equipment.

Performance of 2D and 3D CDPM field seismic operations

Performance of 2D and 3D CDPM field seismic operations, swathe acquisition geometry. 3D bin size 25 m x 6.25 m, flip-flop acquisition.

  • Region
    West Indian shelf
  • Type
    Offshore seismic 2D and 3D CDPM operations
  • Year
Project in details

3D seismic survey on the shelf of Morocco

3D acquisition: swathe acquisition geometry, flip-flop acquisition Bean size: 25 m x 6.25 m

  • Region
    Shelf of Morocco
  • Type
    Offshore seismic 3D CDPM operations
  • Year
Project in details


  • Region
    Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
  • Type
    National project, Regional geological prospecting for hydrocarbons
  • Year
  • Contractor
    RPC Nedra
Project in details
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