We all RosGeo family

Christmas story

The employees of RosGeo Moscow office met the Eve of the new 2020 in a real winter fairy tale with their families and friends! All day long amusement rides, game pavilions, and theme parks were open for them along with arranged fascinating contests and quests.

Celebrating the Victory Day

Victory Day is always a special holiday for all of us. And in 2020, it acquired special significance - the whole country celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, and under conditions of the strictest quarantine. To honor the memory of those great events, the first teleconference in the history of the company was organized in Rosgeologia, in which all divisions of our huge Holding took part. Online colleagues from all over the country, their children, war veterans read poems, sang songs of the war years and said words of gratitude to all those who defended our Motherland in that terrible war! In addition, in memory of our veterans, an action "Memory Book" was held, during which, through the efforts of our employees, invaluable stories of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were collected, the memories of those who went through the terrible trials of the war years.

Rosgeo Day

Every year on July 15, we celebrate RosGeo Day. The starting point was 2011, when the President of the Russian Federation signed the Decree № 957 "On Joint Stock Company Rosgeologiya", which approved the procedure for establishment, structure of the new Holding, and identified the priority areas for its activities. In 2020 RosGeo turned 9 years old, and we celebrated this date in the format of a grandiose geological on-line forum with participation of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the Federal Agency for Mineral Resources.

The passion for photography is a professional feature of many geologists. Their photos strike with unique, poignant beauty. It seems that nature discloses some special views for them. In 2020, the photo-contest "RosGeo - All Russia" was arranged in tribute to RosGeo Day, which was attended by geologists from different units of the Holding. More than 100 photographs competed in three nominations: "The most beautiful canton of Russia", "Geologists about themselves", "Photo from the field." The winner in 2020 became Maxim Bogdanov, First Deputy Managing Director - Director for Production of Yuzhmorgeologiya.