International activities

Since the mid of the XX century we have discovered hundreds of deposits of hydrocarbons and solid commercial minerals outside Russia.
Service provided by

  • > 50
    experience in international projects
  • > 100
    deposits of hydrocarbons and solid commercial minerals discovered abroad
  • > 40
    types of SCM
    discovered in Asia, Africa, Latin America
  • > 500
    of data in geology of foreign countries

We have accumulated a huge array of valuable geological information on the mineral and raw materials base of many countries, trained thousands of local specialists, who became the backbone of geological industries in many countries.

Over many years of work the International unit of RosGeo has carried out the widest range of operations in foreign countries: from regional geological and geophysical surveys to detailed exploration of deposits with assessment of the mineral resources.

  • Assessment of the subsurface site potentials, selection of methodology and rational set of geological surveys
  • Development of programs and projects for geological exploration of subsurface fields
  • Organization and management of geological surveys
  • Re-assessment of resources and potential in promising sites and areas
  • Airborne geophysical multi-channel acquisition
  • Elaboration of metallogenic and forecast maps
  • Survey and acquisition operations of different scales
  • Desktop processing of the field materials and elaboration of the reports based on the results of the geological surveys
  • Elaboration of GIS-projects for promising areas
  • Wellfield mapping 
  • Development of presentation material
  • Geological survey data interpretation
  • Management of geological database, 3D modeling 
  • Assessment of mineral resources and reserves by JORC
  • Comparison of geological survey and operation data, feasibility study of the conditions
  • Independent audit of mineral reserves
  • Competent person report

The international activities of the Holding are represented by the Department of International Cooperation, the Department of Support to International Projects, as well as by the subsidiaries of RosGeo: JSC Zarubegeologiya and JSC VNIIZARUBEZHGEOLOGIYA.

Key areas of the International unit activities are as follows: Africa, Middle East, Central Asia.

The international representative offices are opened in Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, UAE.

  • Pre-project engineering
  • Underground and open mining – technical solutions
  • Optimization of quarries and development of mountain calendars
  • Mining planning and engineering surveys
  • Situation plan and facility infrastructure
  • Evaluation of external infrastructure
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Estimation of capital and operating costs
  • Search for co-investors in the projects associated with performance of geological surveys
  • Collaboration with Russian Export Center
  • Deal structuring
  • Elaboration of resource estimates
  • Participation in development of project business plans and financial models
  • Organization and conduct of due diligence in individual projects
  • Other issues associated with business administration
Consulting services
  • Supervision of geological surveys
  • Establishment and restoration of chemical and mineralogical laboratoriesr
  • Training of local specialists