We know what is a professional attitude to business, we value real prfessionals and create opportunities for their development

Multiple areas of activity and opportunities for mastering in related specialties and professions, expanding of experience and expertise

Training events, many of which are conducted by the Holding's top managers

Integration of research and industrial spheres

Wide geography of activities both in Russia and abroad

in the market of employers

  • Wide geography of activities, opportunities for rotations within the Holding

  • Ability to influence the future of geological exploration and mineral resources management in the country

  • Social guarantees and confidence in the future

  • Modern methods of advanced training and professionalism enhancement at all job levels

  • Introduction and development of continuous improvements culture

  • Cooperation with leading educational institutions

  • Compliance with labor laws

Laboratory studies

Why I will recommend a job in Rosgeo to my friends

Kotov Alexander

Central PGA
Head of Production and Engineering Division

« Working in RosGeo is an opportunity to apply the professional experience in global projects of federal and international significance. »

Ippolitova Ekaterina

Central PGA
Leading Hydrogeologist

« Thanks to my work in RosGeo, I can proudly say that I am involved in development of the national mineral resource base. »

Zhilin Andrey

Drilling Engineer

« Having come to RosGeo, I mastered the profession of a driller, completed the advanced training courses, and in parallel entered a technical school. Now, as an engineer, I am in charge of the work of the drilling team. RosGeo opened up for me new prospects and new projects, since we work throughout the country - in the Urals, Western Siberia, in the Komi Republic. »

Kazakova Elena

Geophysicist of Geological Division

« Working in RosGeo allows me to be developing as a professional. There are advanced training programs, there is an opportunity to participate in conferences, exchange the experience with colleagues within the Holding. I use my experience and knowledge in solving seemingly unsolvable problems and always try to achieve a positive result. »

Khaskhanov Timur

Central PGA
Head of Production Site

« Working in RosGeo is an opportunity to be materialized in the favorite profession. »

Veselov Evgeniy

Head of Seismic Survey Team

« Working in RosGeo provides an opportunity to influence the future of geological exploration. It is very important that the Company provides its employees with all opportunities for professional and career growth, interacts with the leading educational institutions of the country. »

Dmitriev Gleb

Siberian PGA
Party Chief

« It's great that our company employs geologists with more than 40 and 50 years of experience as they are carriers of the knowledge and experience of the old Soviet geological school. It is remarkable that today a modern geologist has at his disposal space images, electronic microscopes, drilling rigs, geophysical equipment, computers. This makes our work in RosGeo not only romantic, but also technically interesting. »

Gulyashinov Evgeny

Deputy Head of Production
and Engineering Division
for Shooting Equipment

« Thanks to my work at RosGeo, I have traveled to many unique places of our vast country, saw the northern light of the Polar Taimyr, flew over the Avachinskaya Sopka of the Kamchatka Territory, and visited places that had never before imprinted by the foot of a man. Virgin forests, picturesque lakes, harsh mountains and snow-white tundra are the constant companions of our employees! For 5 years of my work in the company I have managed to go from a Field Geophysicist to the Head of Production and Engineering Division. I did it, so you can too! If a fire and a passion for adventure burns in you, as those in me, if you are not used to sitting in one place in a stuffy office, if you want to bring real benefits to society and find out what you are really capable of, if you want your work to be appreciated at its true worth, then this job is for you! »

Victoria Sapiga

Far Eastern PGA
Engineer of the Monitoring Group in
Central Laboratory in Khabarovsk SBU,
Acting Head of the Chemical Laboratory.

« Nine years ago, I came to work to the Laboratory as a chemist, today I am already an engineer of the Monitoring Group and, concurrently, the Acting Head of the Chemical Laboratory. I can say, if one has some professional ambitions, such a person is welcome to our team. Colossal experience in analytical, inorganic, physical, physical colloidal chemistry, and not just in an individual operation. Here the chemists are all-rounders: from the simplest analyzes to completion of work, issuance of results, execution of protocols, elaboration of documentation, and so on. Each new geological site or facility become a challenge, because it is a new subsurface rock, a new excavation with its own specific conditions. Each facility, each new project is an objective, which achievement produces feelings of professional satisfaction. »

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