Sustainable development


The primacy of principles of sustainable development is reflected in the Mission and Values of the Holding company and is one of the company's core development priorities.

Relying on advanced technology and experience of previous generations, we are building a new geology of Russia - Geology 4.0, which key objective is the replenishment of the mineral resource base of the Russian Federation through the exploration of the liquid categories of reserves and its early involvement in the production of the national gross domestic product.

RosGeo is the largest geological holding in the Russian Federation with a developed production and technical capabilities, high professional competences and a unique scope of accumulated geological information.

We strive to create a new format of the Holding business model based on continuous improvement of all production and management processes, application of new technologies and digitization capabilities, development of customer-oriented business and partnerships with mining companies, localization of key geological exploration technologies and achievement of the industry import independence.

As the largest geological exploration Holding of the federal scale RosGeo pays the priority attention to ensuring of safe working conditions, compliance with industrial safety and environmental protection rules.
RosGeo adheres to the principles of environmental management and protection, the Company performs the activities in accordance with the requirements of Russian environmental laws and regulations, international environmental standards, as well as the Holding Environmental Policy of developed on the basis of these documents. Careful attitude to nature, minimization of negative impact of production operations is one of the most important activities of the Holding.
The introduction of an integrated quality management system in RosGeo confirms the company commitment to the highest international standards in the field of occupational health, safety and environment protection, evidence the high quality of the services.