We declare zero tolerance for any manifestations of corruption and other illegal actions.

Sergey Gorkov

The- anti-corruption in RosGeo is based on the following principles:

  • Compliance of the anti-corruption measures to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, international treaties, laws and regulations of the Russian Federation and other normative legal documents applicable to the Holding activities;

  • The principle of a personal example of leadership is to implement the key role of the management of the Company/subsidiaries in development of a culture of intolerance to corruption and in creation of an intra-organizational system for prevention and suppression of the corruption.
  • The principle of employee involvement means to ensure that employees of the Company/subsidiaries are informed about the provisions of the anti-corruption laws and their active participation in the development and implementation of anti-corruption standards and procedures

  • The principle of proportionality of anti-corruption procedures to the risk of corruption lies in the development and implementation of a set of measures to reduce the likelihood of involvement of the Holding, its managers and employees in the corruption activities, taking into account the corruption risks existing in the activities of the Holding/subsidiaries

  • The principle of the effectiveness of anti-corruption procedures is to ensure the application in the Holding of such anti-corruption measures that are of low cost, ensure ease of implementation and bring significant results.

  • The principle of responsibility and inevitability of punishment is to ensure the inevitability of punishment for the employees of the Holding, regardless of the position held, length of service and other conditions in the event of corruption offenses committed by them in connection with the performance of labor duties, as well as the personal responsibility of the management of the Holding/subsidiary for implementation of this Policy

  • The principle of business openness is to inform counterparties, partners and the public about the anti-corruption business standards adopted by the Holding

  • The principle of continuous oversight and regular monitoring means performance of supervision over implementation of anti-corruption standards and procedures, as well as audits of its performance.

    RosGeo, being the largest state geological exploration holding company in the Russian Federation, adheres to the best practices and principles in the field of doing business and business ethics. Anti-corruption is an issue that we pay attention to at all levels of management, in all subdivisions of the Holding.

    We fully support the principles of state anti-corruption policy and the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business. The Holding has developed the necessary regulatory framework, introduced advanced corporate standards, and elaborated effective mechanisms for detecting corruption offenses.

    But it is very important for everyone to understand that the effectiveness of anti-corruption measures depends not so much on the regulatory framework as on the honesty and decency of the Holding's employees, that is, on you and me.

    We declare zero tolerance for any manifestations of corruption and other illegal actions. This position should be shared by all employees of the Holding, regardless of the position held, work experience and merit. Everyone should understand a high degree of personal responsibility for maintaining a positive image of the entire Holding, creating an atmosphere of honesty and openness. Corruption and professionalism, conscientious performance of labor duties are absolutely incompatible concepts.  

    The company has created all the conditions for employees to feel protected and be able to work effectively. At the same time, the ability to provide a decent level of wages, a social package, and improve working conditions directly depends on the production and financial results of the company as a whole. Any manifestations of corruption have an extremely negative impact on these factors. 

    That is why our common goal is to create an atmosphere of zero tolerance for any manifestation of corruption. I want to assure you that we will make every effort to ensure that violators of anti-corruption requirements are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.  

    The company has a hotline. Today, any caring person can call or write to this hotline and report the facts of corruption known.

    The practice of declaring was introduced to identify and resolve conflicts of interest of newly hired employees of the Holding, as well as annual verification of declarations of conflicts of interest for employees occupying positions associated with increased corruption risk.  

    Dear colleagues! Once again I urge you to always and in everything to act honestly and openly, to abide the laws, not to close your eyes to any kinds of violations. This is very important for the well-being of our company as a whole and of each employee individually. I am convinced that together we will be able to put up a reliable barrier against this evil!

    Sergey Gorkov

    Anti-corruption policy of RosGeo is a set of interrelated principles, procedures and specific measures aimed at the organization of the anti-corruption

    Please contact the hot-line of RosGeo, If you become aware of:

    • Fraud, embezzlement/property assignment, bribery of the Holding employees;
    • Facts of violation by the Holding employees of the prescriptions of the current legislation and internal normative documents;
    • Situations, where an employee's personal interest affects or may affect the performance of his or her job duties;
    • Situations, where the employee's actions might damage the interests of the Holding and its employees