Occupational health and safety

Assurance of occupational health and safety, as well as environment protection are the key priorities for RosGeo in all areas of the business activities.

RosGeo, as the largest Russian geological holding, considers to be committed to maintain the safe work conditions for the employees and partners, ensure the trouble-free operation, and minimize the environmental impact.

The issues of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection are the key components of RosGeo sustainable development.


The occupational safety assurance for the Holding employees, as well as for the contractors, is a key priority of the Holding operations in all areas of the business activities.

We strive to ensure a systematic approach to management of occupational and industrial safety, and conduct a serious work to improve the safety culture among the employees and contractors to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, risk monitoring and management requirements.

Occupational health, industrial safety and environmental protection management system (HSEMS) of RosGeo is based on the principles of the occupational safety data public availability, openness and transparency.

The efficiency of the management system in use, which complies with ISO 45001:2018 / GOST R ISO 45001-2020 (Health and Safety Management Systems), is confirmed by the certificates the state and international model issued by DQS Holding GmbH, one of the largest certification bodies in the world (DQS ISO 45001:2018)

The following actions are implemented to ensure the continuous improvement of the system:
  • System improvement in accordance with the requirements of national and international standards;
  • Establishment of healthy and safe working conditions by achieving a high level of production processes, guided by the principle of priority of the employees’ health;
  • Development of a stable employees’ motivational mechanism for safe behavior in the workplace, promotion of the skills aimed at prevention of the incidents, timely detection and elimination of risks;
  • Occupational safety improvement thanks to timely replacement and reliability enhancement of the process equipment, implementation of the advanced technologies and state-of-art production method approaches, assurance of safe and trouble-free operation.

Implementation of the best practices into the occupational safety management system is a key priority for RosGeo administration.

The policy of intolerance to violations in the field of occupational safety and health is consistently being improved at all levels, enhancing the safety culture and managerial personal responsibility for achieving the occupational sarfety targets in the production processes.

The safety culture in RosGeo is based on three basic principles
  • Declaration of safety priority and management of activities in accordance with this priority;
  • Ensuring the awareness of the employees on the existing hazards, avoidance and prevention of the future hazards;
  • Motivation of the employees to work safely.

In order to establish the environment conducive to participation in occupational safety management for all employees, maintaining a high level of working conditions, occupational safety, prevention of occupational accidents and incidents, development of leadership competencies, all employees of RosGeo headquarters, regardless the purpose of visiting the production facilities of the Holding, are obligated to pay particular attention to the working conditions and occupational safety measures.

Each employee shall inform the responsible field workers and their supervisors, if any hazardous activities and/or hazardous conditions are identified that do not meet the requirements of the safe operation.

The Holding consistently implements a set of measures for identification of hazardous and harmful factors in the production environment and labor processes, assessment of the level of its impact on the employees and application of personal and collective protection aids - SOUT.

Consolidated Statement of Occupational Health and Safety Assessment in RosGeo Headquarters (SOUT 2020).


RosGeo operates around 90 hazardous production facilities of various kinds and classes of hazard - geophysical, drilling, transportation and other areas  in strict conformity with Russian laws and regulations and international law.

The continuous production supervision is carried out at hazardous production facilities in line with the high safety standards and in accordance with Production supervision guidelines.

RosGeo pays special attention to compliance with the requirements of the occupational, industrial and fire safety of the contractors, suppliers, lessors. All local requirements regarding industrial, occupational, fire and environmental safety adopted by RosGeo are applicable to the organizations involved in the joint activities.