In December 2019 the Board of Directors adopted as a basis the updated Development strategy and Long-term Development program of RosGeo for the period up to 2025.

These documents specify the strategic priorities, where the Holding will concentrate its competencies, resources and activities

  • 1
    • Strategic goal
      Improvement of efficiency of the mineral resource base reproduction in the Russian Federation.
    • Strategic objective
      Identification of promising areas for production in terms of surveys for hydrocarbons and solid commercial minerals.
    • Focus in the segment of hydrocarbon geologic surveys: there have been identified 26 promising areas located predominantly in the Arctic and Eastern Siberia, as well as Bazhenov suite in Western Siberia.
    • Focus in the segment of geologic surveys for solid commercial minerals: there have been identified 30 promising mineral centers in Siberian and Far Eastern Federal Districts, in the Arctic, the South Urals and North Caucasus, specification of 24 types of solid commercial minerals with priority of precious and non-ferrous metals, diamonds and coal.
    • The activities of RosGeo on development of the mineral recourse base will be coordinated with the plans for infrastructure development in the target regions outlined in the regional and federal programs of socio-economic development of these territories.

  • 2
    • Strategic goal
      Diversification of commercial activities and establishment of new mechanisms for funding of geological surveys
    • Strategic objective
      Effective implementation of own and partner geologic survey projects in Russia.
    • establishment of partnerships with national mining companies;
    • establishment of joint junior companies to conduct the geological surveys on the basis of licenses for geological exploration of subsurface deposits;
    • establishment of venture capital funds and market infrastructure development;
    • transformation of the geologic survey regime in the Arctic, which implies the right to obtain a license for sea geologic surveys of mineral resources without violating the subsurface integrity.
  • 3
    • Strategic goal
      Growth of international project portfolio
    • Strategic objective
      Minimum share of international projects in RosGeo revenues by 2025 - 30%.
    • Restoration of the positions of the Russian Geology in emerging markets with implementation of the state-of-art technology, unique experience and huge accumulated database of geological information.
    • Entry the priority regions for development of international projects: Persian Gulf, Indonesia, India, Africa, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries.
    • Promotion of promising geologic survey approaches to the international markets, including explorations in the shallow shelf and in transit zones, geologic surveys for solid commercial materials, expert examination and scientific support to the projects.
  • 4
    • Strategic goal
      Efficiency enhancement of scientific and production cluster in the area of reproduction of the mineral resource base.
    • Strategic objective
      Ensuring of integrated scientific support to the mining companies at all stages of reproduction of the mineral resource base.
    • improvement of the geological survey quality and accuracy of the mineral stock assessments at the early stages of the works;
    • provision of scientific consulting and expert examination services to the clients in all areas of the geologic survey;
    • upgrading of existing and development of new technological equipment with a focus on import substitution of advanced foreign solutions;
    • establishment of partnerships with mining companies for resolution of technological issues;
    • solution of scientific and practical issues in development of mineral deposits of non-traditional types.
  • 5
    • Strategic goal
      Development of digital GeoEcoSystem Geology 4.0.
    • Strategic objective
      Development of it technologies and services, implementation of “RosGeoLab” project, which will provide an opportunity to employ the capabilities of the modern digital technologies to improve the efficiency of the Holding's business.
    • elaboration of BigData cloud, an comprehensive distributed platform for collection, storage and analysis of all types of geological data;
    • development of a system for analysis and processing of geological information to improve the quality of forecasts and assessments;
    • ensuring the remote control of the equipment performance in real time mode;
    • application of sharing economy technology for significant reduction of investments in the equipment and personnel;
    • ensuring the transparency of operations and development of software and hardware environment.
  • 6
    • Strategic goal
      Offer to the customers of integrated geologic survey service
    • Strategic objective
      Ensuring of an integrated approach to rendering of services for the efficient value delivery at all stages of the geologic surveys: from regional works, search and assessment of mineral resources to mining support assistance in the mine decommissioning
    • ensuring the best quality of the geologic surveys at all stages and phases of the subsurface deposit value delivery;
    • ensuring the continuity of the stages and phases of the geological survey;
    • establishment of scientific and technological partnerships;
    • application of the best technology and project management methods;
    • application of exclusive competencies and know-how;
    • effective capitalization of information on deposits and competencies on its assessment based on the big data analysis;
    • Uberization of logistics for geologic survey production equipment;
    • application of advanced materials and reagents based on the research of our research institutes.
  • 7
    • Strategic goal
      Reorganization of corporate structure to improve the transparency and efficiency of business processes and management system
    • Strategic objective
      reformation of the corporate structure through acquisition of subsidiaries with ownership of 100% minus 1 share, association of the subsidiaries.
    • optimization of key business and management processes, effective allocation of responsibilities and authorities;
    • creation of efficient production and controlling systems;
    • optimal allocation of competences along the levels of corporate structure with establishment of service, design development, junior companies and sectoral sub-holdings;
    • establishment of production activity centers in 9 strategic regions of presence: Far East, Baikal region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Volga region, Western Siberia, the Urals, Southern Russia, Central and North-West regions.
  • 8
    • Strategic goal
      Enhancement of the Holding competitiveness in Russia and abroad
    • Strategic objective
      Implementation of the technical upgrading program
    • application of the most advanced sectoral technologies and technical solutions with focus on national equipment subject to compliance of the technical characteristics with the best world standards and competitive price;
    • development of in-house production of high-tech equipment for geologic surveys;
    • establishment of scientific and technological partnerships with companies from other industries for import substitution.
  • 9
    • Strategic goal
      Improvement of RosGeo operating efficiency
    • Strategic objective
      Deep transformation of business processes on the basis of digitization technologies and building up of integrated management systems.
    • optimization of business processes;
    • transformation of the operating model;
    • improvement of labor efficiency and business controllability;
    • building up of an integrated management system including establishment of the Quality management, Occupational safety management and Environmental management systems.