Offshore seismic exploration

RosGeo subsidiaries possess many years of experience in the field of 2D and 3D offshore seismic surveys, including the operations in deep and shallow waters of the world ocean, as well as in transit zones. The activities are carried out in various climatic and geographical conditions.
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The companies incorporated within the Holding have decades of experience in conducting the seismic exploration on the shelf of the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic seas, they stand at the origin of discovery of the largest deposit fields on the Sakhalin shelf: Odoptu, Chayvo, Lunsk, Venin, Piltun-Astpkh, Arktun-Dagi, Kirin; they have implemented a number of strategic projects in the waters of the Atlantic, Indian, Pacific Oceans.

The company possesses a specialized fleet that comprises 18 research ships and a fleet of small-sized vessels. The research vessels are of a higher ice class, which enables to perform the seismic exploration in the extreme conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic specified complicated ice conditions.

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We use the most advanced state-of-art technologies, equipment and research facilities
  • QMarine (Western Geco), which enables to apply the best practices of BroadSeis/Broadband;
  • Instrumentation set SEAL-428 (Sercel);
  • Transistorized digital streamers «Sentinel 24 bit digital» (Sercel), the maximum operating length of the streamers is up to 12000 m, the maximum volume of sources - up to 6000 cubic inches;
  • Seismic digital streamers «Seal Fluid digital streamers» (Sercel), the maximum operating length of streamers is up to 6000 m, the maximum number of sources -. up to 8000 cubic inches;
  • Instrumentation set DigiSTREAMER 2D (ION);
  • Seismic digital streamers «DigiSTREAMER» (ION), the maximum operating length of the streamers is up to 8000 m.;
  • Receiving and recording system comprising a recording station «Seal Digital System 24 bit» (Sercel);

Based on the needs of the customer the company develops an individual set of surveys with application of the advanced seismic exploration technologies.

Thus, in the interpretation we apply the high density seismic survey technology to improve the spatial and temporal resolution of the seismic data, ensure a more stable operation of the processing algorithms, enhance the quality of the seismic images and degree of details. The seismic exploration technology with application of tillable trailed streamers is used to expand the frequency range of the seismic data recording.

The broadband source technology allows to ensure the suppression of satellite waves on the shotpoints by using the pneumatic sources of different volumes located at different depths and triggered with different time delays.

The application of the seafloor instrumentation allows to perform the work in availability of surface obstacles that complicate the streamer operations, provides a complete and uniform distribution of azimuths and offsets, ensures the high record precision and a perfect contact with the receiving surface, low natural noise and high repeatability in 4D activities. In addition, this enables to achieve a high resolution, and wide bandwidth.

Currently, our companies are implementing  the sets of seafloor instrumentation that allow to perform the 4-component 2D, 3D, and 4D seismic measurements.

The use of two-component seafloor instrumentation provides an opportunity to suppress the satellite waves in the shotpoints, as well as to ensure the suppression of bottom-multiple waves thanks to the procedure for summation of the geophone and hydrophone components (P-Z summation).

Using the four-component seafloor instrumentation allows recording both longitudinal (P) and the exchange (PS) waves, which enables:

  • To produce the images of the structures shielded by gas deposits/gas sands;
  • To produce the images of the structures acoustically transparent for longitudinal waves (P-waves);
  • To produce the images of the structures in the areas burdened by multiple reflections.

2D/3D seismic surveys at the middle depths

RosGeo is actively developing the area of 4C seismic explorations with the seafloor instrumentation that is in high demand at the market of the geologic exploration and survey.

The company gained the experience of such operations on the shelf of the island of. Sakhalin. The works are carried out using the high-tech equipment:

  • Standalone bottom stations Z700 (Fairfield Nodal);
  • Sonardyne acoustic positioning system;
  • Synchronization system of group initiation console Big Shot RTS, Long Shot;
  • Synchronization system Shot Pro II;
  • Pneumatic sources BOLT 1500/1900/2800 LL.

JSC Yuzhmorgeologiya,  subsidiary of RosGeo, is a leader of Russian market of operations in shallow waters and transit zones.
Competitive advantages:
  • High availability of technical resources and qualified personnel;
  • Experience of operations in the complicated conditions in the Caspian, Azov and Black seas, as well as on the Russian Arctic shelf, India, and on the shelf of the Kingdom of Bahrain;
  • In-house fleet developed to perform the seismic explorations in shallow zones (handling vessels, source vessels);
  • Advanced equipment for operations in transit zones in accordance with the international standards;
  • Application of in-house technical and methodological developments to improve the quality of the seismic data obtained;
  • Experience of operations on the reefs, estuaries, flooded areas, river deltas and bays, including those with access to the land;
  • Active cooperation with leading national institutions in the area of the import substitution.

All vessels and vehicles are equipped with the instrumentation that enables to receive the high-quality data for 2D and 3D operation in transit zones.
  • ARAM ARIES II Seismic Equipment (single and dual component);
  • High performance compressor equipment;
  • Pneumatic sources BOLT 1900/2800 LL and "Malysh" of different volumes;
  • Sonardyne acoustic underwater positioning system;
  • Z-Land system for provision of seamless recording “land-sea”;
  • Standalone bottom stations Magseis Fairfield;
  • Advanced high-precision navigation and geodetic instrumentation: «Trimble», «Valeport», «Pacific Crest», etc

The Holding subsidiaries perform a complete range of 2D/3D seismic explorations and surveys in the water areas of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, wetlands in various regions and climatic conditions in the Russian Federation and over the world.

An integrated approach and high level of RosGeo equipment and instrumentation enable to resoles the most complicated issues in production of seismic explorations and surveys under different conditions:

  • in the water area of water-abundant rivers - an opportunity to involve the deep-sea vessels, including those of ice class;
  • in the water area of mountain rivers - an opportunity to involve the small-sized fleet and light-draft motor boats, all-terrain transport that allow to operated under complex conditions of small and extremely low depths. An opportunity to involve the harbor tugs as handling and shooter vessels.
  • A technical availability to take the receiver down to the land for production of seamless “land-sea” acquisition to link the petrophysical data received during processing of the land profiles, as well as to select the optimum multiplicity in the ends of the profiles.
Available equipment
  • ARAM ARIES II TZ (Canada) seismic data collection telemetry system as a recording system. It is intended to perform 2D/3D seismic explorations in any seismic and geological conditions.
  • Sonardyne acoustic positioning system.
  • Wireless terrestrial system ZLand (Magseis Fairfield) to provide the offsets to the land.
  • Software package VISTA 12.0 produced by GEDCO is used for express-processing of the seismic data.
  • High performance compressor equipment.
  • Pneumatic sources BOLT 1900/2800 LL and "Malysh" of different volumes.
  • Advanced high-precision navigation and geodetic instrumentation: «Trimble», «Valeport», «Pacific Crest», etc.

“Sea-land” seamless seismic acquisition technology

The territories of shallow water areas on the Russian shelf exceed 700 thousand km2, these territories have been poorly surveyed due to the complexity of natural conditions that hinder the application of traditional methods.

Yuzhmorgeologiya presents an innovative methodology of surveys based on application of the advanced multi-component and radio-telemetry data collection systems.

  • Capability to collect the high-quality data in hard-to-reach very shallow-water areas;
  • Savings of time and money by application of wireless techniques;
  • Mobility and maneuverability due to the use of light-draft boats;
  • Reduction and elimination of environmental impacts.

The technology is effectively used in the conditions of coastal swamplands, flood plains, estuaries, land bays, shoals, river deltas, open shallow reefs, wide tidal and littoral areas.

Thanks to successful application of the technology we managed to:

  • Survey the Gulf of Taganrog in the Sea of Azov by geophysical methods;
  • Identify about 40 productive horizons on the basis of the data received on the deep structure of the Sea of Azov (Lower Mesozoic - Paleozoic);
  • Obtain new data on geological structure of the marginal shallow water of the northern Caspian and delta of the river Volga;
  • Combine the regional surveys of the Yamal and Ghydan peninsulas with marine profiles;
  • Survey in details the Paleozoic deposits in the waters of the Ob Bay in the Kara Sea.

Performance of 2D and 3D CDPM field seismic operations

Performance of 2D and 3D CDPM field seismic operations, swathe acquisition geometry. 3D bin size 25 m x 6.25 m, flip-flop acquisition.

  • Region
    West Indian shelf
  • Type
    Offshore seismic 2D and 3D CDPM operations
  • Year
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3D seismic survey on the shelf of Morocco

3D acquisition: swathe acquisition geometry, flip-flop acquisition Bean size: 25 m x 6.25 m

  • Region
    Shelf of Morocco
  • Type
    Offshore seismic 3D CDPM operations
  • Year
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Performance of offshore, transit and terrestrial seismic operations, including gravity and magnetic, seismic acoustic and geochemical surveys.

  • Region
    Waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Type
    Foreign contract
  • Year
  • Contractor
    Kaliningradgeophysika, Yuzhmorgeologiya
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