Geophysical well logging

RosGeo offers a wide range of production geophysical services, including the well-logging, development supervision, perforating operations, mud logging, geotechnical surveys.
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The field geophysical surveys are applied in studies of the rocks in the well-head area and inter-well space by means of measurement and interpretation of natural or artificial physical parameters of various types.

This is the main method for geological documenting of the well logs, which gives a great economic effect by reducing the scopes of core sampling and number of reservoir tests.

The data obtained in the course of the surveys provide the dissection of the well logs into reservoirs, determination of the lithology and depth of the deposit, identification of commercial minerals, correlation between the well logs, assessment of the reservoir parameters for calculation of the reserves, determination of the deposit volume, and analysis of physical and mechanical properties of the rocks. The application of specially developed data analysis methods allows to identify previously missed deposits of oil and gas, which increases the lifetime of the deposit fields.

Rosgeologiya performs a set of fiels geophysical surveys

  • Geophysical exploration in drilled prospecting, exploration and production wells;
  • Geological and engineering studies and mud logging during the well construction;
  • Control of cementing quality and casing technical state;
  • Blasting-perforation operations;
  • Geophysical surveys in well development and testing;
  • Geophysical surveys in monitoring of the field development;
  • Processing, interpretation and generalization of geological modeling of objects and fields in all types of geological and engineering surveys;
  • Vertical seismic profiling.


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    Siberian Federal District, Katanga District
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    Terrestrial geophysics
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