Integrated project management

Integrated project management is a set of technical, process, logistical, financial and administrative solutions aimed at efficient and quality achievement of the set objectives.

Customer awareness about the progress and results of the project, identification and minimization of the risks and costs not only during the well construction, but also during the further operation.

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Logistics management

The drilling cluster of RosGeo possesses an extensive experience in implementation of the projects in remote and sparsely populated regions of the Russian Federation, establishment of effective low-cost logistic schemes for delivery of oversized, heavy, composable cargoes and fuels.

In-house park of vehicles and equipment for performance of the rig installation and drilling under conditions of complete autonomy of the projects.

Risk management

A highly qualified team of RosGeo project engineers in close cooperation with the Customer ensures the continuous work on detection, analysis and prevention from development of risk situations at all stages of the work.
  • Preparedness to and assessment of the all emerging risks at all stages of the work performance.
  • Development in cooperation with the performer of an individual plan of the well construction taking into account all possible complications at each stage.
  • Elaboration of final and detailed risk assessment reports.

Cost control

To improve the economic efficiency of the projects we are implementing an integrated approach in the area of cost control. It includes the optimization of the costs at the stage of the budget development, implementation of the cost-reduction program taking into account the performance indicators in competitive procurement of goods, works and services, implementation of cost optimization plans in individual areas:
  • By type of cost to be included;
  • By accounting items;
  • By completeness of included costs;
  • By method of indirect costs depreciation;


Drilling supervising is a suite of services that enables to improve the quality of all work types, ensure the compliance with all legal regulations and requirements, including those in the area of occupational, industrial and fire safety, and, as a result, optimize teh costs through centralized management of the production processes.

Procurement arrangement and performance (Tenders)

  • Arrangement of request for quotations at various sites;
  • Development of technical specifications for procurement of material and technical resources and services in accordance with the requirements of Federal Laws and Federal Antimonopoly Service.

Coordination of contractors

The quality of the project implementation depends in many aspects on coordination and harmonized work of all contractors. The situation is complicated by the fact that the organizations involved are not administratively subordinated to one another and connected only by contractual obligations. The necessity of a single coordination center is of particularly evidence in this circumstances. Our company assists the businesses to establish a project management process using an integrated approach that includes:

  • Strategy development, goal setting;
  • Project progress monitoring and review;
  • Resource management;
  • Monitoring of compliance with the regulatory requirements by the contractors.


  • Region
    Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
  • Type
    National project, Regional geological prospecting for hydrocarbons
  • Year
  • Contractor
    RPC Nedra
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