Services for mining companies

The company offers a complete package of services for analysis of current market situation, assessment of subsurface assets, audit and support to operations at all stages
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Services provided
Search for subsurface assets
Market studies, market analysis, analysis of the area/region resources base using an extensive database of geological informations for all regions of the Russian Federation.
Analysis of risks in acquisition of a subsurface asset
Analysis of geological information reliability, including assessment reserves and resources, analysis of compliance with license agreements, availability of restrictions, including location of the site in specially protected areas, the assessment of interposition of license boundaries and outlines contained on the State register of reserves.
Geological and economic assessment of an acquirable site
Quantitative and qualitative assessment of the subsurface site resources/reserves, geological and economic maturity assessment, including mining-engineering, hydro-geological (enrichment, metallurgy), environmental, economic substantiations.
Development of project development concept
Development of programs for geological surveys, development concept, sales of commercial products.
Development of geological survey projects
Development of geological survey projects.
Support to geological surveys (Supervising)
Methodological, geiologic support.
Development of feasibility studies of conditions for submission to state expert examination
Development for State/Territorial Committees for Mineral Reserves.
Environmental consulting
Audit of environmental and industrial safety. A full range of activities in the field of environmental protection: from environmental situation assessment of at the sites and risk assessment prior to implementation of environment protection management at the enterprises to elaboration of the project documentation in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Elaboration of program to ensure conformity with the requirements of Russian and international standards.
Assessment of resources/reserves in accordance with international standards
Assessment of ore mineral deposits in accordance with international standards (code JORC, NI 43-101, National Association for Expert Examination of Subsurface Resources).
Information consulting
Development of structured databases of input geological and geophysical, commercial, technical and economic information on oil and gas fields, oil and gas accumulation areas, development of consolidated standards of capital and operating costs of survey, exploration and development of the deposits, digital cartographic modeling and elaboration of cartographic databases.