Services for financial institutions

RG Consulting will ensure an integrated assessment of a business project.
Geological expert examination for financial sector includes the sectoral market assessment, stocks validation, license verification, assessment of the infrastructure health, capital and operational costs, and technical risks.
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Services provided
Integrated analysis and audit of subsurface assets (Due Diligence)
Integrated analysis of all available information, including analysis of geological information reliability, assessment reserves and resources, analysis of compliance with license agreements, availability of restrictions, including location of the site in specially protected areas, the assessment of interposition of license boundaries and outlines contained on the State register of reserves. Detailed analysis of geological, project documentation, production activities, disclosure of information and presentation of the current project status.
Early stage geological economic assessment (Scoping study)
Preliminary geological and economic assessment at the early (survey and assessment) site exploration maturity.
Preliminary feasibility study (Pre-Feasibility study)
Alternate assessment of subsurface deposit development efficiency - investment substantiation
Substantiation of investment feasibility (Feasibility study)
Detailed project of the subsurface deposit development in accordance with international standards, in the Russian practice, this is actually a bankable feasibility study.
Competent person report
Report on resources and reserves developed in accordance with the international standards (code JORC, NI 43-101, National Association for Expert Examination of Subsurface Resources) signed by a competent person.
Assessment of resources and reserves
Assessment of resources and reserves is conducted by high-qualified professionals in accordance with the international standards (code JORC, NI 43-101, National Association for Expert Examination of Subsurface Resources) for entry of mining companies to the international financial markets and elaboration of auditing reports pursuant to the international standards.
Financial and technical monitoring of a project implementation
Analysis of the current state of the project and documentation, adjustment of the project parameters, monitoring of the performance compliance with the production plan, supervision over budget expenditures and targeted use of funds; detailed description of the causes resulted in deviations/variations from the original project parameters, assessment of the risks associated with the variations; recommendations aimed at reduction of the negative effects. The monitoring can be carried out on a monthly, quarterly or another regular basis.
Findings for financial institutions
Business plans for crediting, enterprise development programs to attract foreign investments, construction projects of enterprises and individual production facilities, technical and economic calculations, etc.