• In-house park of drilling equipment from 3000 – 7000 m

  • 10 drilling rigs in the company park capable to drill up to 10000 meters

  • The only ultra-deep drilling company in the Russian Federation

  • 100% share in the paramatric drilling market

RosGeo possesses the high competences and provides a full range of drilling in different geological conditions in different regions of Russia and abroad. High level of technical equipment and availability of highly qualified expert support to the operations allow to promptly adapt to any geographical, climatic and geological conditions and successfully implement the projects of any complexity.
An integrated approach to implementation of drilling projects provides a selection of optimum technological solutions, supervision of all processes and achievement of the best results.

Competitive advantages:

  • Highly professional team with operating experience in all oil and gas provinces of the Russian Federation and in international projects
  • In-house high-tech park of rigs and equipment for drilling the wells with depths ranging from 3000 m to 7000 m
  • Mobile drilling rigs and drilling rigs for operation in the Arctic conditions
  • We drill the wells of any complexity in the most severe climatic, mining and geological conditions under abnormal reservoir pressures
  • High-quality scientific support, expert review and consulting at all stages of work
  • Rendering of a complete set of engineering and geological services
  • Arrangement of the turnkey well construction
Service provided by

Set of drilling services

Applied technologies

Drilling in hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide aggression, passage of salt-anhydride rocks, in zones of salt fluidity, unstable "chocolate" clays, abnormally high and abnormally low pressures and temperatures, in zones with partial and complete absorption of the drilling mud.

Drilling and cutting of long-range horizontal mine shafts using rotary-controllable systems and LWD including Fishbone method.

Application of methods for opening and fastening of horizontal wells that preserve the reservoir properties, including for induced pressures and difficult oils.

Drilling under abnormal reservoir pressure exceeding 2 and static face temperature up to 220 degrees.

Dissociation of productive stratas in complicatedly structured geological sections, intellectual pumping into the wells including one the with selective operation of reservoirs and multistage fracturing technologies.

Performance of complex overhauls in the wells including one with application of flexible pumping and compression pipelines.

Prevention and elimination of behind casing leaks with application of metal-cord packers, cement additives gas-blockage additives, installation and cementation of casing pipes with rotation.

Application of clay-free, biopolymer, polymer-salt, polysaccharide drilling muds, as well as hydrocarbon-based solutions of heavy metals.


  • Region
    Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
  • Type
    National project, Regional geological prospecting for hydrocarbons
  • Year
  • Contractor
    RPC Nedra
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