Offshore gravity and magnetic explorations

Gravity and magnetic surveys are the components of the set of geophysical methods applied in hydrocarbon explorations. The methods provide the additional information about geological structure of the surveyed area.
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Applicable magnetometric equipment
  • Shipboard magnetometer-gradiometer SeaSPY 2;
  • Shipboard magnetometer SeaSPY;
  • Shipboard gravimeter Chekan-AM (CSRI Elektropribor);

Gravimetric method of explorations is based on a study of the field of gravity at the surface of the Earth. The measurements of this field elements allow to determine the distribution in the earth's crust of masses of different densities and, consequently, the depth structure of the studied areas.

Applicable software
  • Package «Oasis montaj» (Geosoft)
  • Package «DataPro» (Fugro-LCT)
  • Package «GridInPro» (Fugro-LCT)

The magnetic method is based on the study of the magnetic field features associated with various magnetic properties of the rocks. The change in magnetic properties and different forms of bedding of the magnetic rocks produce the various magnetic anomalies, i.e. deviation of geomagnetic field intensity in a specific region from its normal values

Performance of 2D and 3D CDPM field seismic operations

Performance of 2D and 3D CDPM field seismic operations, swathe acquisition geometry. 3D bin size 25 m x 6.25 m, flip-flop acquisition.

  • Region
    West Indian shelf
  • Type
    Offshore seismic 2D and 3D CDPM operations
  • Year
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3D seismic survey on the shelf of Morocco

3D acquisition: swathe acquisition geometry, flip-flop acquisition Bean size: 25 m x 6.25 m

  • Region
    Shelf of Morocco
  • Type
    Offshore seismic 3D CDPM operations
  • Year
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Performance of offshore, transit and terrestrial seismic operations, including gravity and magnetic, seismic acoustic and geochemical surveys.

  • Region
    Waters of the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Type
    Foreign contract
  • Year
  • Contractor
    Kaliningradgeophysika, Yuzhmorgeologiya
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