Seismic exploration equipment and machinery

JSC GEOSVIP is the only in Russia producer of seismic signal vibration sources for terrestrial oil and gas prospecting.
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Design development, production and delivery to the Holding subsidiaries and external customers of vibration and impulse seismic signal sources for terrestrial seismic surveys and associated equipment; production of floating seismic telemetry systems for marine seismic surveys; design development and fabrication of instrumentation and equipment for seismic exploration in shallow water, in marshy areas and transit zones

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Technical parameters of vibrators and control systems allow to apply almost all modern methods of seismic exploration using linear, nonlinear, pseudo-random and other signals. All vibrators are certified by the State Standard of the Russian Federation and meet the increasing demands for quality and informativeness of field seismic survey materials.

Seismic signal vibration sources

The transport bases of the sources are new developments on the basis of the chassis produced serially by the plants KAMAZ, URAL (Russia) and Morooka (Japan), as well as specialized chassis of in-house design for operations on snow cover under low (up to -50oC) temperatures.

  • SV-5/300V based on track chassis for high-resolution surveys;
  • SV-14/150 based on URAL-4320-31 chassis (6 x 6);
  • SV-20/150MTK based KrAZ chassis (6 x 6);
  • SV-27/150K based on KAMAZ-6350 chassis (8 x 8);
  • SVS24/RS27 based on low ground pressure snow and swamp track chassis
  • SV-30/150B based on wheeled articulated chassis

All manufactured products are equipped with vibration exciters of in-house production, as well as in-house electronic vibration control system SvipMaster, which design takes into account the real requirements of Russian seismologists. At customer request the vibrators can also be equipped with control systems produced in Russia (GSD-2 - LLC GDS) and USA (Force-III - Seismic Source Co.; VibPro HD - INOVA).

To improve the quality and reliability of the products, the key components and elements of life support and hydraulics systems of the vibrators are purchased from the best world manufacturers of appropriate equipment: Arctic Fox, Atlas Fluid Controls, Star Hydraulics Limited, Input/Output, Parker (USA); Eberspacher, Webasto, Sauer-Danfoss (Germany), PHOENIX Airspring Technology (Hungary), etc. A reasonable combination of foreign and national components allows to improve the reliability of operation and reduce the cost of the vibrators maintenance at optimal price-quality ratio.

Many years of experience in development and production of equipment for development and field geophysics allows GEOSVIP to fabricate the state-of-art vibration sources with application of optimal design and engineering solutions and the best national and foreign achievements in mechanics, hydraulics and electronics. Vibration sources GEOSVIP successfully operate in various geological, climatic and landscape conditions in Russia (Ural-Volga region, North of European part, Western and Eastern Siberia), as well as abroad.

Instrumentation and control of the vibration sources

Taking into account the demands of Russian geophysical companies GEOSVIP has developed and constantly improving the electronic control system for the vibration sources SvipMaster based on VIBROSEIS technology. The set of instrumentation SvipMaster consists of a synchronizing generator “Pilot-generator Pilot-002” and several vibrator control units “VICONT-002”. The company also produces instruments for testing of the seismic vibrators operation, as well as acceleration and reaction mass positioning sensors.

  • Control system for seismic vibration equipment SvipMaster;
  • VibraTester to test the seismic vibrator performance quality;
  • Seismic vibration source simulator;
  • Acceleration and reaction mass positioning sensors

The personnel of GEOSVIP possesses long-term, from 15 to 30 years, experience in the design development, production and maintenance of seismic signal vibration sources. The structure of the company includes the design bureau, production facilities (factory), marketing and maintenance services, and specialized center for training of personnel for operation and maintenance of vibrators of national and foreign origin, including the control systems.

Maintenance service:
  • Supply of spare parts, spare parts and consumables for maintenance of the vibration sources;
  • Field maintenance of the vibration sources;
  • Overhaul of vibration sources of any complexity;
  • Commissioning operations with the vibration sources;
  • Support to operation of the vibrator source series;
  • Maintenance of electronic vibration source control systems;
  • Installation of modern control systems in old vibration sources.

GEOSVIP in cooperation with Scientific-experimental laboratory VIEMTECH of Togliatti State University have developed the design and manufacture the impulsive electromagnetic sources of seismic signals for generation of seismic waves in the Earth's crust during the seismic operations.
IDD-20 Impulsive seismic vibration signal source

The application area of the impulsive seismic vibration signal source IDD-20 is the performance of profile and aerial seismic surveys, regional geophysical studies using non-explosive excitation sources of seismic waves, vertical seismic profiling, in particular in security zones, where the geophysical profile cutting width is limited.

IDD-108 Impulsive seismic signal source for transition zones

Impulsive source IDD-108 is intended for operation in the transition zone, both on water and on land. The source consists of 4 IDD-27 emitters mounted by couples in 2 boats on a common frame. The source can be used in a single design for seismic surveys of the near-surface part of the section, but it is possible to build more powerful excitation systems in parallel operation of several sources within a single composition.