“The signature of the Memorandum opens a new stage in collaboration between our countries in the area of geological exploration. RosGeo has already the had experience in conducting seismic surveys on the Indian shelf, and now we are offering to the Geological Service to significantly expand the cooperation to include prospecting for solid minerals”, said Sergey Gorkov, Director General of RosGeo. "I am confident that our experience, competencies and advanced technologies will make a significant contribution to the exploration and development of the Indian mineral resource base."

The Memorandum of Understanding, in particular, envisages the implementation of joint scientific and technical projects for exploration of deep-seated deposits, exploration of platinum group and rare earth metals, assessment and allocation of areas for predictive metallogenic mapping and consolidated predictive mapping of the gold content.

The parties agreed to cooperate in elaboration of a storage of geological and geophysical data, analysis and interpretation of airborne geophysical data, processing and reinterpretation of 2D seismic data. 

RosGeo will cooperate with the GSI Marine and Coastal Research Service, and will also offer its services in the field of deep seismic exploration, magnetotelluric surveys and prospecting works using geochemical mapping. 

The Russian Geological Holding and the Geological Survey of India also agreed to conduct joint research activities, exchange technologies and knowledge in the field of drilling, testing and laboratory analyzes.


In 2020-2021, the research vessel "Akademik Primakov" of RosGeo under a contract with the State Oil and Gas Corporation ONGC performed 2D (940 linear km) and 3D (1893 sq. km) offshore seismic surveys on the Indian shelf.