Development of solid commercial minerals resource base in Ahaggar and South-West of Algeria

Activities performed
  • Analysis of mineral and raw materials base
  • Performance of technical audit
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    Desk-top activities
Project description:
Establishment of a sound medium-term program for the development of the solid mineral resource base on in accordance with exploration maturity of Ahaggar area in the South-West of Algeria
Project implementation:
  • Performance of analysis of mineral and raw materials base for elaboration of mid-term program for development solid mineral resource base Ahaggar area in the South-West of Algeria with substantiation and recommendations of the sites for Geological survey program
  • Performance of technical audit of the laboratory facilities in Boumerdes with development of recommendations and suggestions for further entry of the laboratory to the level of international certification
  • Signature of a contract for expert support to geological, drilling, laboratory works and development of resource models with estimation of reserves, including the criteria of international standards
  • Development of cooperation program with national iron ore company Mines de Fer de l Est (MFE) for assessment of the state of reserves and conditions for operation of the mines Buhadra and Uenza
  • Elaboration of suggestion for development of forecasting-metallogenic map on a scale of 1: 000 000 in ArcGIS environment and other mapping projects important to the Algerian Geological Survey Service

Selection of sites for further geological exploration in the framework of mid-term program for development of mineral-resource base of the South and South-East of the Republic of Algeria on the basis on the analysis of the collected evidence, interpretation of geological, structural and other specific features of promising areas.

Promising areas and sites were selected for target surveys and assessment of mineral mineral resources specified in the contract: gold, nickel, cobalt, platinum, chromium, rare metals, rare earth elements, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, copper, iron and manganese.

The following promising sites were submitted to the customer for review: Ahaggar, Ougarta and Eglab, located on the territory of 4 vilayets, in the number of 99 fields for various types of minerals.


Assessment of gold-bearing zones Main and South in Upper-Khakchan ore field Elaboration of feasibility studies for exploration conditions, estimation of the ore gold deposits by categories C1, C2, Assessment of forecast resources by category P1.

  • Region
    Susumansky district of Magadan region
  • Type
    Assessment of ore gold deposits
  • Year
Project in details

Elaboration of forecast-metallogenic map of the Republic of Sudan

The ultimate goal of the project is the development of a multi-layer package of electronic maps on geology and mineral resources of the Republic of Sudan on different scales (1: 2,500,000 - 1: 50,000)

  • Region
    Republic of Sudan
  • Type
    Elaboration of forecast-metallogenic map of the Republic of Sudan on the scale of 1 : 1000000
  • Year
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